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If your organisation has grown from a small business to what it is today, then you are doing something right. Now that you know what your customers need, it is time to take the next step. We know better than anyone how we can help your company grow: with cool websites, apps and other beautiful online things! Everything you need to tell your customers what you are all about.

We like making these beautiful things together. When you go home, you will do so with a website or app that does more than you could have expected when you walked in.

Our expertise? Custom websites that work like WordPress… only better.


Projects we are proud of!


Victims of domestic violence have become even more vulnerable during the corona crisis. At the same time, there is a shortage of practitioners and a huge need to share knowledge. Drakentemmers went looking for a company to develop a platform for this and ended up at Get Interactive. Heidi from Drakentemmers tells you more!

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Forseti Legal

For Forseti Legal we developed a new website with a unique style. It was a nice challenge to present mediation in criminal law in a softer, yet professional way. Owner Lotje tells you more!

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For FProfs we developed a new website, a launch campaign and together we take care of good texts. Lieke, who was closely involved in the project from FProfs, tells you more!

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About us

Our Story

Get Interactive is a collection of geeks. Professional and skilled geeks of course! We stand out by combining design and technology as if it comes naturally.

We always feel comfortable telling each other the truth and thus constantly improve each other’s work. This is also how we would like to work with you: we like working together to achieve a result that’s even better than you imagined!


What's cooking good looking?

Read more about what we do at Get Interactive, what we stand for and how we work. Below you will find blogs and articles about our projects, our team, about technology and updates.

What they say

"I really liked the way we worked together. It was very nice how quickly we were able to switch gears and how you thought of solutions."


"If you are looking for a good partner to build websites or applications, I can definitely recommend Get Interactive. Pleasant communication and an assertive way of working! Positives: Quality, Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value"

Mike Lijffijt

"We have found in Get Interactive a very good partner in outsourcing custom websites and applications!"

Epurple Online Marketing

"Get Interactive is a pleasant party to work with. The communication lines are short and I am very pleased with the quality they deliver, at an attractive price."

Erika Grotens

"Pleasant collaboration and communication, flexibility and focused on results. I have worked with Get Interactive for design, online marketing (AdWords/bannering) and communications such as infographics, among others. Highly recommended."

Frederieke Jacobs

"The connection was there right away, especially because of the no-nonsense approach."

Van der Kreeft B.V.

"Other parties seemed to be beating around the bush, but at Get Interactive they were very clear and honest."


"The result is clean, eye-catching and accessible - a great new look for OSGeo."


"I found the collaboration very pleasant! Because we started the project at the beginning of the corona crisis, I did not see anyone from Get Interactive in person, but nevertheless I found it a very personal contact."


"I am super positive about you guys, also in terms of cooperation and communication, all of that went very well."


"I only get enthusiastic reactions from the people around me. What I have tried to radiate with my business has worked out well."

Forseti Legal