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CVO Group

A central organization in service of six schools

The CVO Group is a school group consisting of six schools with a central organization in service of these schools. Get Interactive has created a new website for several of these schools, including the website of CVO Group itself. Marion from CVO Group tells you more!


Redesign the website and the intranet, in order to simplify their use and maintenance.

Target Audience

Schools, employees (intranet) and suppliers (purchasing IT/Telecom services and hardware)


A sleek, user-friendly website for both staff and visitors.

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The challenge of CVO Group

The website of CVO Group was in need of something new. It was not responsive, the navigation left much to be desired and the maintenance of the website was also complicated. In addition, CVO Group wanted to encourage the use of the intranet.

”We were using a mandatory content management system, which was quite frankly dramatic. It was too rigid and we could not change much ourselves, so we needed something else” said Marion of CVO Group.

“The communication between us was easy and approachable, you guys understood exactly what we meant.”

CVO Group approached us to help them redesign their current website and Intranet. A corporate identity already existed, but there was plenty to improve. Together we went to work to make the website completely up-to-date, and to simplify its maintenance.

Our plans

We started with a redesign of the current website, taking into account the request to make it user-friendly, both for staff and visitors.

For example, we arranged a link with Azure AD, which allowed the internal accounts of employees to be automatically linked to the website. This was useful for the Intranet as well; through the cloud, staff can now also use the Internet from off-site locations. By logging onto the website, employees now have direct access to all relevant information and documents.

Marion: “We are very happy with the new look and other improvements of the Intranet. It’s now much easier to find the right documents. There’s still a lot of improvement to be made, for example dealing with outdated documents, but this is work we can do ourselves.”

“We are very happy with the new look and other improvements of the intranet. It’s now much easier to find documents.”


By logging in on the website, staff can access the intranet area, which contains useful documents and information. This information is also available from home.

Book a meeting room

By using the intranet, it is now possible for staff to reserve a meeting room. Previously, this had to be discussed and then scheduled manually by other staff.

SSO (Single Sign-On) connection with Azure AD

By creating a link between the current internal accounts and the website, it is no longer necessary for employees to create a separate WordPress account. In addition to ease of use, this also ensures that the administration department can easily adjust the rights, for example when staff retire.

CVO Group on the collaboration

“The cooperation was very pleasant and we are very satisfied with the website. The communication between us was easy and accessible, you understand exactly what we mean. It was always possible to ask questions and you gladly offered your expertise and advice. If something was not working properly, it was always solved quickly. I have therefore already warmly recommended you.”

The website of CVO Group is now several years old, and in the meantime the necessary changes have taken place. Marion: “The logo was made for 4 schools, but now there are 6. So we could use a new corporate identity. I expect that we will be calling on you again in the future for a corporate identity project.”