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Conversion Optimisation: In times when things are going against you, many companies keep their hands on the cut. That makes sense in a way, because there is a good chance that you will now sell a little less than usual. But one of the first pots that often falls is the marketing budget. While it is now important to invest in building your brand in the long term. Such as the further development of your website, for example.

Still smoking hot

Marketingweek cited an example from the latest recession: Virgin Atlantic, Richard Branson’s airline. When one bank after another collapsed in 2008, there were suddenly a lot fewer passengers and the oil price rose enormously. What did they do? They spent more money on marketing and focused on building their brand further with a campaign celebrating their 25th anniversary: ​​Still red hot. It turned out that with that campaign they made about £10.58 for every £1 they invested. Converted to euros: on every €1,14 they earned €12,09. Percentages to make you quite jealous!

How to invest smartly in times of setback

If your entire industry and company is now on its ass, then of course it’s just surviving. Your first priority is to keep your head above water, marketing is the last thing on your mind. Fortunately, there are also many companies that keep the room to invest despite a crisis. One of the most important things to invest your “Marketing-Euro’s” in is your website.

Many companies see their website as a business card. As long as the contact details can be found, it is often already good. But your website is a channel where you can perfectly connect with potential customers and keep in touch with existing customers. We can help you with that by optimising the user experience of your website.

User Experience on your website

A website can be much more than just a business card. If you sell products online, you naturally want as many people as possible to buy from you. But even if you have other goals with your website, such as finding contact details of potential customers, a good user experience is indispensable. We call this conversion optimisation, and the user experience plays an important role in this.

We also call the user experience User Experience or UX. We first look at the goals you have with your website and how your visitors can now achieve those goals. We then map out what is needed to improve this process. We do not only look at the technical side, but also at the ‘soft’ side of the story: how do your visitors feel when using your website? And do their actions lead to the desired result? But also important: on which device do they prefer to view your website, and does it all work well? And is your site fast enough?

We examine all these aspects and optimise them where necessary. In this way we help your visitors to achieve the goals you want them to achieve, while it is also pleasant and attractive to use your website.

Start with Conversion Optimisation?

Do you also want to start with conversion optimisation? It is quite easy for us to help you with this. We do a scan of your website and based on that, one of our experts will send you an advisory report with the results. We are specialised in optimising interactions and we can unburden you from A to Z!

Do you want to know more? Please contact one of our specialists without any obligation. With a bit of luck you will get Pim on the phone, who will then chat your ears off about this subject ;)…

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