Maintenance & Support

We think aftercare is important

You should be able to assume that your website is safe and stable online. However, with all these different technologies, it can always happen that something doesn’t go quite right. We understand that if that happens, you want support as soon as possible, preferably automatically. Whether you are looking for further development, optimization of your website or stable hosting, you will find all the information you need here.

Continuous Development

Want to quickly implement improvements for your website? With Continuous Development we agree on a fixed number of hours per week in which our developers actively work on your website or application. You can discuss progress and planning with your regular contact person every week, so it’s nice and flexible!


Get Interactive ensures that your website is stable and safe for your visitors with a professional Hosting service. Your website will be placed on a professional cloud platform located in data centers across the Netherlands. We only work with suppliers of the highest quality.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

A Service Level Agreement – ​​also referred to as SLA – is a document in which we make agreements about the maintenance and optimization of your website, both before and after going live.


It is essential that visitors of your website feel safe to leave their data. An SSL certificate validates the identity of the website and ensures that the connection between your website and your visitor’s browser is securely encrypted.