Strategy & Advice

What's the plan?

Gone are the days when you could get around with an online “strategy” that was basically “try something” and see what happens. We will make sure you will use your online channels for growth with a personalized strategy & advice.

Online Strategy

Your online channels are essential for your growth plans. But the concrete implementation is often quite difficult: so many possibilities, tools and ideas and so little time. You might also lack the right knowledge to ensure that you do the right things right. We are happy to help you with that.

We know exactly what is needed online and can offer you personalized advice and a strong digital strategy.

Usability Testing & Research

In recent years there have been a ton of impressive changes in the digital field. While this is great, at the same time it has caused the average website visitor to be spoiled.

That is why it is important that your website is extremely user-friendly. In addition to satisfied visitors, this also ensures higher conversion and reflects good on your brand. Do you want to know if your website can be improved? Then we are happy to conduct a usability test and apply other interesting research.


Customer Journey

It happens less often than you would like: someone visits your website for the first time and immediately becomes a paying customer. After all, you don’t walk into a dealership, point at a car, tick off and drive off. Before you get there, you have already taken a large number of steps. We record the steps that your leads have to take to become a customer in the customer journey.