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A community platform for practitioners of victims of domestic violence

Victims of domestic violence have become even more vulnerable during the corona crisis. At the same time, there is a shortage of practitioners and a huge need to share knowledge. Drakentemmers went looking for a company to develop a platform for this and ended up at Get Interactive. Heidi from Drakentemmers tells you more!


Create a private expertise platform for practitioners and solve the shortage of practitioners.

Target Audience

Treatment providers for trauma and attachment.
Companies seeking treatment providers.


A private environment where practitioners can exchange knowledge through a knowledge base, forum, calendar, video calls, matching page for assignments and available practitioners

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The Challenge of Drakentemmers

There is a significant shortage of domestic violence treatment providers nationwide, both for parents and children. To solve this problem, new treatment providers must be recruited and/or trained.

Heidi: “We provide a lot of help to victims of domestic violence, and found that the demand was much greater than the number of social workers that could provide help. When we received a grant from the Ministry of Health and Welfare to train social workers more specifically and connect them with each other, a platform seemed like an appropriate tool for that.”

So it was up to us to develop a platform where practitioners could communicate with each other and exchange knowledge/experience. In addition, a lot of work is done with temporary assignments that need to be filled quickly. Drakentemmers wants to bring available practitioners and open assignments together on a national platform. ”If you can bring those together you have a lot more knowledge,” says Heidi.

''Drakentemmers wants to provide a platform where practitioners can communicate with each other and exchange knowledge.''

Our plans

The desire was to have the members themselves manage the website as much as possible. We therefore opted for an automated registration and acceptance procedure. For the CMS environment, we assigned different roles, each with their own rights and access possibilities.

This way, an editor can only access the CMS to create agenda items, while a professional can manage his own profile to indicate whether he or she is available for work. A company can additionally post job openings or view which professionals are available for work.

We also helped with a newsletter for Drakentemmers. Members can sign up for a summary of what has happened on the private section of the site. This update is sent by email in the form of a newsletter on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as desired.

"The combination results in a private community where practitioners can exchange knowledge and available practitioners and job openings come together."

Experience Design

We used wireframes to map out all the user’s processes. These were submitted and modified until a clickable prototype that contains all the unique parts was available. For example, here you can see the wireframes of the matching section.

Closed community

The client’s goal was to create a private community where practitioners could exchange knowledge and where available practitioners and vacancies/assignments would come together on the matching page. We developed a registration and acceptance procedure so that practitioners can register and are automatically added to the private community  after a security check.


  • Professionals: users can indicate their region, speciality/level and whether they are available for new assignments in a personal profile.
  • Agenda: users can add agenda items via the website, for which members can register.
  • Knowledge archive: users can find clear information about domestic violence, child abuse, shelter and counseling.
  • Matching: a page where available practitioners and assignments come together.
  • Microsoft teams: Drakentemmers has its own private Teams environment where they can chat and video call.
  • Forum:a place in the closed community to connect with each other.

Heidi from Drakentemmers about the cooperation

“I found the collaboration very pleasant! Because we started the project at the beginning of the corona crisis, I did not see anyone from Get Interactive in person, but nevertheless I found it to be a very personal contact.”

Sometimes Heidi has to deal with financial companies that she finds very rigid in their communication: “They have a certain knowledge and act as if you have to understand it too. Meanwhile, the collaboration with Get Interactive just went smoothly. Even for things where one might think ‘this is really a basic thing’ they were very helpful.”

“I like the fact that there are just so many features in the website; a calendar, an ability to interact through teams within the community, a library of knowledge documents and videos, the matching tool…. The fact that all that is possible is really nice. ”

We are also very happy with the result and that we have contributed to this beautiful initiative. You should see www.drakentemmers.nl for the result!

What does our client say?

“I found the collaboration very pleasant! Because we started the project at the beginning of the corona crisis, I did not see anyone from Get Interactive in person, but nevertheless I found it to be a very personal contact.”

Heidi, Strategic Advisor