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For the future of energy

The Transform.Hackathon event was organised to accelerate the energy transition. Els and her team were looking for a suitable communication channel to communicate everything around this event. Els tells you more about the process.


To create a website that can entice participants to enroll through attractive and “storytelling” design.

Target Audience

The right mix of inventors, innovation hackers, builders and storytellers.


Transform.Hackathon has become a creative playground to encourage (and share) experimentation and co-creation.

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The challenge of Transform.Hackathon

The transition from fossil to renewable energy is drastically changing our energy system. To accelerate the energy transition, the National RES Program, in collaboration with Unify Energy, organized the Transform.Hackathon event. Els and her team were looking for a suitable communication channel to communicate and explain everything around this event.

Els: “The goal was to bring people together from various backgrounds for a one-off event. We were looking for the right mix of inventors, hackers, builders and storytellers who wanted to participate. We needed a website with its own identity that would serve as a business card for the hackathon.”

You guys really stood out from other parties! Not only on price, but also in terms of approach there really was  a difference.

What counted heavily in the decision for Els was the contact by phone. “That was immediately very pleasant, good questions were asked which showed that you knew exactly what was going on.”

Our plans

The assignment was to build a website with a graphic design that was consistent with Transform.Hackathon’s already developed corporate identity. The website needed to have a registration form, be able to display and process visual content well, and serve as a beautiful business card for the hackathon.

The platform had a clear communicative function: to radiate, show and tell what Transform.Hackathon is and entice people to participate. The graphic design for the website was therefore developed in close consultation with the creative team. Speed was important here, because the date for the hackathon was already set.

Els: “The contact during the process was nice, which is very important when you are working together very intensively for a period of time. We also had a session with the developers. I’m not a techie, so I often don’t know what needs to be done exactly, and this way you know a bit more about what’s going on. It also allowed them to hear from me why we do what we do, and what we wanted to achieve with it. I noticed this worked very well.”

“The website was up and running within a few weeks, while truly being what we envisioned.”

During the project, we stayed closely in touch with Els and her colleagues. Because of the tight deadline, short lines of communication were important, and it was important to be clear about what was expected and what was possible. Together with Els and her team, we looked critically at parts that compromised the deadline, and incorporated elements into the website that reinforced the original goal.

“The website was a great fit for the event, you were very thoughtful and sensed what we had in mind. There was a lot of room for images and imagination within the design.” – Els.


The milestone moments and meetups leading up to the event are tracked through a timeline. This timeline is not static but automatically jumps to the nearest milestone based on date.

Selective Multi-Language

We built a custom Multi-Language tool, allowing us to determine which pages are available in English in addition to Dutch, without having to maintain a full Multi-Language website. During development, we took into account usability (for both user and visitor) and Technical SEO for the benefit of search engines.

Emphasis on visual elements

Transform.Hackathon had a clear corporate identity in mind that the website needed to match. Two different audiences, the partners and the participants, both had to be able to relate to the visual language. We took into account an emphasis on visual elements in the graphic design.

Transform.Hackathon about the collaboration

“The collaboration went really excellent! Patrick responded quickly, making sure everything was clear and exactly as we envisioned. That speed was crucial for this project, so that was very pleasant. The team was very thoughtful and also told us when something was not possible, which was very nice.”

The process and the website have completely met our expectations. It is also nice that specific English pages have been added, something we fortunately thought of in advance. Just before the event one of these pages crashed, but within five minutes I was called back that it would be taken care of and it was quickly fixed.

Els is also very pleased with the end result. Els: “You really went to great lengths to make sure everything was done within the deadline. I really appreciate that! We constantly get compliments on the website, so you guys really did a great job!”