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FacilitationProfs in a modern new jacket

For FProfs we developed a new website, a launch campaign and together we take care of good texts. Lieke, who was closely involved in the project from FProfs, tells you more!


Ensuring that the website is a fitting business card for the company

Target Audience

Managers and team leaders, companies in need of organizational development or team coaching


A modern, user-friendly and technically excellent website

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The challenge of FProfs

Lieke has been working at FProfs for a while now. But there was a high possibility she never would have found out how nice the company really is! Lieke: “That was because the website didn’t give me a great feeling. It was old-fashioned, not a good business card. Most importantly, it didn’t match the feeling I got when I met Jaap and Herman at all!”

Not long after Lieke started working for FProfs, she started to ask questions. Isn’t it  time to freshen up the website, so that it would be a better match? Soon after, she was sent off on an assignment to find a website builder who could help.

Google is your friend

“I started where many others probably start: by searching on Google. We wanted a website builder located nearby, so I made a selection of 6 companies around Utrecht. I asked for prices, put our wishes on paper and came up with a list of pros and cons to show FProfs. Get Interactive quickly emerged as a potential candidate. The great talks with Pim and Patrick ultimately won us over. We especially liked the fact that they could explain perfectly to us, in easy to understand language, what they were going to do and what they needed. Other companies seemed to be beating around the bush, but at Get Interactive they were very clear and honest.”

"Other companies seemed to beat around the bush more, but at Get Interactive they were very clear and honest."

Our plans

When we first came to the table at FProfs, the problem was immediately clear: clients felt a big difference between the website and the people working at FProfs. We experienced this ourselves, because we looked at the current website before the meeting. The people on the other side of the table radiated a completely different energy. We wanted to convey that energy in their new website as well.

The team indicated that they were looking for support throughout the entire process, so we took them along from concept and strategy to implementation. We took a close look at the mission and vision and did research into the target groups and sectors. Of course we also did keyword research, looked at competitors, and thought extensively about the best look and feel.

In doing so, we went through an iterative process, as we like to do. This means that we start with simple wireframes and work our way up to a 1.0 version through interaction designs and visual designs. Now that it has been released online, we are shifting our focus to developing it further. The cooperation with FProfs was very pleasant, they challenged us in a fantastic way. The result is definitely worth it, in our opinion!

"The team indicated that they were looking for support in the entire process, so we thought along with them from concept and strategy to implementation.


A major problem with the old website was that clients could not identify with FProfs. The branding was very dusty and did not reflect their services. We took the time to make sure the website radiated the same energy as the team.

A story behind every room

Just as a website can evoke a certain feeling in the visitor, so do reception and meeting rooms. Behind every room there is a story, which inspired FProfs to keep a photo of such rooms for each client. We were able to use these photos perfectly for a nice reference page!

FProfs about the collaboration

“The cooperation went very well,” says Lieke. “We also liked their working method. Pim explained before we started that we would often receive working intermediate products, and that was very pleasant. So it’s not like Get Interactive locks themselves up and you have a complete website a few weeks later. We were taken along for every step, from wireframe to interaction design to a working website. That was very nice.

As the project progressed, we could have used a little more coaching at times. For example, we found out very late that the logos we wanted to show our clients had to be delivered in a certain file format. We didn’t know that, and in the end it took quite some time to get it done. I understand that a project manager has now been hired by Get Interactive to improve precisely these kinds of things . What is of course very pleasant is that phone calls and emails are always answered very quickly and that they think along with you very well. We are proud of the final result! Jaap already said: I think that we now get a very different reaction from potential new colleagues and customers. They now want to come into contact with us ‘thanks to’ the new site, instead of ‘in spite of’ it. And of course that’s a great compliment!”

Like FProfs, we are very satisfied and proud of the end result!

“Other companies seemed to beat around the bush more, but at Get Interactive they were very clear and honest.”

Lieke, Advisor