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IVRM is an agency that has been enhancing the reputation value of organizations for over twenty years. Their old website was primarily used as a knowledge base, and there was a need to revamp it significantly so it could also be used for marketing, attracting new colleagues, and strengthening IVRM’s image. Demi from IVRM tells you more!


A website that contributes to IVRM’s name recognition and authority

Target Audience

Companies, HR/Marketing/Brand and Communications staff.


A look that fits IVRM: different from traditional communications agencies, professional, fresh, creative

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The challenge of IVRM

IVRM had already made several attempts to renew their website, but unfortunately without success. Demi: “The problem we ran into was that the website had already been taken care of by several people, but they didn’t really have any expert knowledge about websites and related issues. Because of this, the current website was mainly used as a knowledge base only. One applicant even expressed hesitation in applying for a job with us because of the state of the website. So we started looking for a professional team to take charge of the project.”

After inviting a number of parties, the  preferred party was Get Interactive. “With a nice presentation, the confidence was quickly there. But another main factor was that Get Interactive thought along with us; the structure, the flow, but also the look and feel, making sure it remained unique yet recognizable.”

Get Interactive was chosen because they thought along well with our problems

“The biweekly meetings to discuss where we stood and if everything was still on track were also very pleasant. This also helped us communicate better internally and involve colleagues in the project. It also helped that we agreed on clear deadlines that we could refer to internally. The Trello board also helped to make clear what we still had to deliver ourselves and what was next to be done.”

Our Plans

The structure of the new website was created based on keyword research. This included a critical look at the Customer Journey and Call-to-Actions. These were previously scattered everywhere, but are now in the right place, such as in slide ins and a returning block at the bottom of the page.

Demi: “Get Interactive gave us the tools to figure out the Customer Journey and work out the target groups in personas. Their support was very pleasant, we could always count on Get Interactive if we didn’t get anywhere.”

For the website design we took into account the different devices and screen sizes; the website is fully responsive. There is updated content and photography included, and the website contains useful features, such as a news carousel, search function, call button on mobile, route on Google Maps and the option to sign up for the newsletter in the footer.

It works so smoothly now, and you see results right away. It definitely motivates me to work on the website.

Easier to use

The back-end of IVRM has also been improved. By using the CMS of WordPress with custom content blocks, working on the back-end has become a lot clearer. With these content blocks, authors can easily put together blogs without worrying about formatting.

Demi is enthusiastic: “It works so much easier than with the old website. It is clearly structured, you know exactly what to do and have clear blocks to work with, instead of Elementor-like difficulties. The website is now more structured with a clear menu. It’s also more organized, whereas in the old website the unwritten website rules were not really recognizable, making it all a bit messy. It works so smoothly now, and you see results right away. It definitely motivates me to work on the website.”

New look&feel

It was important to IVRM that the look and feel of the website remained unique but recognizable. The new website looks professional, fresh and creative.

Cases and services connected

By linking cases and services, visitors can clearly see what IVRM has done for a client and what services IVRM offers, including case examples.

IVRM on the collaboration

We asked Demi what she was most pleased with: “The header is just great. On the homepage you come in and you’re already interested right away. I personally think the interactive parts are very cool. There you can clearly see your quality, especially because it is not a standard plugin or part of the theme, but really custom made by Get Interactive. There you really see your added value and identity, and what we want to radiate!”

When asked if Demi would recommend us, we get a resounding “Yes!”. Demi: “I found it a nice way of working with each other. It was very pleasant how quickly we could switch gears, and how you thought along in solutions. Instead of delivering a standard website, you guys created something really unique for us as a client.”


I really liked the way we worked together. It was very nice how quickly we were able to switch gears and how you thought of solutions.