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Lifting Van der Kreeft to the next level

When a customer comes to you with such a fantastic domain name, you don’t have to think twice. We developed a new website for Van der Kreeft, Sales & Service Director Ruud Schildknegt will tell you more.


Improve the complete online presence of Heftruck.com

Target Audience

Renters and buyers of internal transport equipment


A modern, user-friendly and technically excellent website

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The challenge of Van der Kreeft

Ruud came to us because of a conflict with their previous online partner: “They couldn’t explain to me why I suddenly had to pay 5 times more, so I started looking for another company. Through an acquaintance I ended up at Get Interactive. We hit it off right away, especially because of their no-nonsense approach.

They quickly asked me excellent questions, to  which I did not have answers immediately. Later I noticed that all those questions in the beginning ensured that the process went smoothly during the rest of the project.”

"The connection was there right away, especially because of the no-nonsense approach."

Our plans

It was clear that the Van der Kreeft website could use a facelift. Not only the design, but also the interaction and underlying technology was pretty outdated.

Van der Kreeft is the largest company of its kind in the Utrecht region, but it didn’t show that. We clearly had to work on their online presence. So we started from scratch. First a concept, then a strategy and finally the implementation.

The beautiful rental application they already had obviously had to be integrated. Then we started working on SEO and SEA and explored the possibilities of e-commerce. Step by step we worked towards the total solution we had outlined at the start.

"Step by step, we work together toward the total solution."

Modern design

The new website has of course been given a modern design. We did not only look at the visual aspect, but also at ease of use for the user. Of course the site also works perfectly on smartphones and tablets.

New features

We have added and improved a number of features to bring heftruck.com up to date.

  • Products module: Ruud and his colleagues manage their  large range of products with ease.
  • Extensive filters: so that visitors can quickly find what they are looking for.
  • Built-in chat function: get in touch quickly and easily via the chat function.

Technical additions

And big steps have been taken on the back end as well.

  • Request an offer directly
  • Link with Mailchimp
  • News module
  • Link with Google Reviews

Ruud about the collaboration

Ruud is someone who likes to do business based on good faith. “And thanks to Pim’s transparency, that was a given right from the start,” he says. “The communication has been more than excellent all the time, even when things got tough and we didn’t meet our original deadline. And we’re not even done yet! I’m looking forward to all the good things to come.”

What our customer says

“The connection was there right away, especially because of the no-nonsense approach.”

Ruud Schildknegt, Sales & Service directeur