Concept & Design

It's all about usability

Usability goes much further than just a nice color or funny logo: everything revolves around what your visitors experience and how they can use your website.

In addition to Technology & Development and Online Marketing, Get Interactive specializes in Concept & Design for the most user-friendly and most appealing company websites. We divide this into a number of services.

Design & User Experience

Design is about much more than pictures. We take you through the 4 steps of our design process, so that your new website not only looks great, but also works great.


Of course your website or app must work well, but the appearance is just as important. With branding we ensure that your target group gets the right interaction with your brand.

Interaction Design

Of course you want to know as soon as possible what your new website will look like, but there are a number of things to tackle first. With Interaction Design we take you along through the development of your website or app, so that you can continue to make adjustments and will not be faced with surprises afterwards.

Visual Design

At Get Interactive we use Interaction Design when developing a website. No idea what that is? Please check this page first. After setting the framework with Interaction Design, the style and color of your website come into play with Visual Design.