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KOOLE Contractors

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KOOLE Contractors once started as a demolition company within the industrial sector, but has since grown into an international company. To keep up with the times, there was a desire for a new website. KOOLE tells you more about our collaboration.


KOOLE Contractors wants to stay up-to-date with their company and was looking for a new website to do so.

Target Audience

KOOLE Contractors is an international industrial and Maritime service provider specializing in industrial demolition, remediation, wreck removal and maritime construction.


A fresh website that will last for years to come

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Epurple – SEO

The challenge of KOOLE

KOOLE’s website was outdated and in need of replacement. To get up-to-date, KOOLE started looking for a party to take care of a new website. A collaboration with Get Interactive and our SEO partner ePurple followed.

We really like the moving image on the homepage, which makes the website feel more fitting for the current time

Alongside the homepage, KOOLE’s landing pages were also in need of a renewed look and feel, which we developed for them.

Our Plans

The old homepage of the website lacked a focus on graphics. A clear menu where KOOLE’s projects could be easily found and call-to-action buttons were also not yet present. In addition, the website lacked a clear layout and structure. For example, the Track Records section was placed on the site twice.

While revamping the website, we created a clear layout. By using moving images and putting more emphasis on visuals, the website feels fresh and up-to-date.

While we were working on the website, our partner, Epurple, got to work on technical SEO. It was important to make the website highly measurable. To do so, Google Analytics was optimised, and different call-to-action buttons were used to increase conversion.

 We are getting a lot more visitors to the website since the changes.

KOOLE requested to keep their current WordPress CMS, and asked us to use their old website as a guide, including transferring its content. In the absence of a dedicated copywriter, this process did not always go smoothly. The old content was mostly suitable for the old website, which meant it did not fit well and required some back and forth to achieve a nice result.

Upon delivery of the website, we therefore gave KOOLE an interactive CMS training and further guidance on the ‘back end’ of the website, including the ‘content management’ section. By using our multilingualism plug-in, it is also possible to easily adapt and add content for all languages.

Use of dynamic visual elements

KOOLE had photos and videos available in abundance, but these were nowhere to be found on their old website. In the new design, we put extra emphasis on these visual elements by making them more prominent in the design, such as moving images on the homepage and the unique high-res photos of products and cases on landing pages.

World map

A nice eye-catcher on the new website is the world map, which immediately shows how and where KOOLE operates internationally.

KOOLE on the collaboration

“The website ended up being very beautiful and we get compliments and positive feedback all the time. You can find information easily, the layout is nice and clean and we also like the moving images. The website is also user-friendly, everything is arranged more clearly and we now have many more photos and references compared to the old website. We are also getting many more visitors to the website since the changes, so that is also very positive.”

Unfortunately, communication did not go well at the beginning of the project. Eventually, Marinka from Get Interactive was put in the loop to facilitate going live, and then things moved quickly. “From then on, the service got much better, and it was nice to interact and stay up-to-date. We are satisfied, and especially in the final stage of the project things went well. Also, the content training we received from Marinka went very well.” says KOOLE.

We would definitely recommend you guys. With Marinka there, communication is very pleasant, and with our feedback I think it will only get better.