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Interaction Scan

The free Interaction Scan

The usability of your website is extremely important. Not only for your visitors, but also for the findability in search engines. With the interaction scan we look at how user-friendly your website is and which area’s you can improve.

  • Check on 10 important points
  • Are your goals being achieved?
  • Advice that you can put to work immediately

Ontvang de Gratis Interactie Scan met verbeterpunten om jouw website te optimaliseren!

Get more out of your website!

A good design ensures that your visitors enjoy using your website; your website is not just your business card. You should also have goals in mind for your visitors, and those goals need to be met.

The fewer barriers your visitors encounter, the greater the chance that this will succeed.

We check your site on 10 important points

  1. Design: a good design ensures that your visitors enjoy using your website.
  2. Usability: frustrated visitors are out of the question, so is everything working properly?
  3. Speed & Technology: a slow or malfunctioning website is so 2015
  4. Content: does the site contain interesting content and is this content relevant?
  5. Strategy: an online strategy is essential if you want to reach the right visitors.
  6. Navigation: your visitors should of course be able to find their way easily
  7. Call-to-Actions: are you using the right call-to-actions to convince your visitors?
  8. Conversions: do your visitors reach the goals you have in mind for them?
  9. Ease of use: your visitors can find what they are looking for on any device.
  10. Attention value: indispensable if you want to stand out from the competition.

Why is the Interaction Scan necessary?

Good question! We are of course the butcher who judges his own meat, but we practically always find points of improvement when we perform an Interaction Scan. That’s because a website and online strategy is always changing, but the website is not always adjusted to match those changes. Also, the wishes and demands of your visitors change constantly, alongside more technical options than ever before.

Do you feel your website has more potential? With the Interaction Scan we will map the possibilities out for you.

Are your visitors not converting into customers? Interaction Scan.

Do you want to know quickly and without large investments whether your website can be improved? Request the free Interaction Scan now.

You get the point; the interaction scan can provide meaningful pointers for everyone!

This is how it works

As soon as you request the Interaction Scan, we’ll check some things with you first. We’d like to hear what you’re currently up against and what you want to achieve with your website.

Then we get to work. We will fully analyse your website and collect all the points for improvement in a clear report. We’ll also tell you how you can implement these improvements. Easy as 1-2-3!

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