Design & User Experience

It’s not all about looks

Technology & Development is obviously important when creating websites, apps and all kinds of other digital beauty. But just as important is the design and the user experience. This is a fancy name for something that we actually find very logical: our work should not only look good, but also work very well. This way you can be sure everything supports your goals and does what you and your customers expect it to do.

4 simple but effective steps:

  1. At the first step, we’ll get inside your head. Or rather in the mind of your company and your customers. We want to know everything: what is your objective, which target group do you serve, what is the company culture like and what are the things that you find important? We need this to get a feel for what you are looking for. Our gears already start turning after the very first meeting.
  2. In the next step we will work out a concept and strategy for you. We look at the content you already have and the structure of your website. Here we advise on the steps we want to take to achieve your goals together.
  3. Many people think that design is about pictures, but in our step-by-step plan we don’t want to bother you with that until as late as possible. That is why in the 3th step we will first deal with the interaction design. In an interactive way we will show you how everything will work in the final design. This way you can quickly see where things are going, without getting distracted by design.
  4. We do the graphic design in step 4. And because we already know each other so well, this is often a matter of finalizing. You know exactly what we need and we know exactly what your company needs.

Questions about interaction design

We like to keep these pages nice and short, so you might still have some questions. Do you want to know more about interaction design, wireframes, responsive or mobile first?

Please contact us and we’ll tell you exactly what these things can do for your new website!