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Visual Design

From Concept to Design

At Get Interactive we use an Interaction Design when developing a website. No idea what that is? Please check this page first, since Visual Design is a follow-up to Interaction Design. During Visual Design, the style and color of your website come into play.

What is a Visual Design

During Visual Design we create a graphic design for all the different pages of your website. The web pages are neatly designed with recognizable branding, including the colors, images and logos we agreed upon.

Because we used an Interaction Design, we can now submit and adjust multiple looks & feels without immediately redesigning the entire website. Then, once everything is exactly to your liking, we will technically design the website.

Working method Visual Design

Do you already have a branding strategy? Then we can use it for the Visual Design. We would also like to receive all expressions that you already have available, think of logos or brochures. The more expressions you can transfer, the better we can match the new website to your corporate identity.

Perhaps you do not have a corporate identity yet, or you want something completely different. No problem at all! We are always willing to share insights and advice. Whether your branding just needs a makeover or whether we’re going to build everything from scratch, we always start with an extensive investigation. We collect information about your target group, your company and what you want to sell. Sometimes an update of what is already available is enough, in that case we will work on optimization and ensure that you meet the latest standards. In other cases, you may want to completely change course, meaning we’ll basically start over.

Once you have a clear branding strategy, we can get started with the Visual Design. We take into account the agreed corporate identity and use the images, banners and logos supplied. We use placeholder texts in the Visual Design, purely to give you an idea of ​​the Look & Feel of the website. In a later phase, these will obviously be replaced by the correct content. And, naturally, there is also a feedback round.

Curious about Visual Design?

Curious about what we can do for your (new) website? We can’t wait to get started for you, so feel free to contact us!