Online Marketing

Conversion Optimization

A website serves a purpose

The days when your website only served as a business card are long gone. You probably have bigger goals, such as increasing brand awareness, attracting new customers or selling products. To ensure that visitors to your website reach your goals, we do conversion optimization: we persuade them to do something.

What is your goal?

To do that, we need to know what your goals are for your website. Do you want visitors to contact you, or download a white paper? Or are you trying to sell your products online? Once we’ve established the goals, we’ll explore what any bottlenecks might be.

For example, if you want visitors to download your white paper, you need to make sure they can find it. You also need to convince them with other content that they really need your white paper. The easier it is for your visitors to reach your goal, the better. We take away every possible hurdle.

Using the right tools

We use all kinds of tools to discover where your visitors get stuck. To do this, we look at the steps to be taken and check whether they can be made more logical. The goal is a process that flows as smoothly as possible, where your visitors reach your goals almost with their eyes closed. We advise you on points of improvement and tell you what we can change in concrete terms. We also regularly use A/B testing, for example, where we can easily test two variants of a process and see which one works best. Conversion optimization is not a one-time process, but something you constantly research, evaluate and adjust.

Conversion optimization for you

Do you feel that visitors to your website are not doing what you would like them to do? Then conversion optimization may be the solution for you. Please contact us and we will gladly discuss the possibilities!