Concept & Design


With a good product you are already halfway there

The other half is in the appearance of that product and how your customers feel about it. We call this branding, and that is indispensable if you want to remain successful. From logo and typography to video and images: we make sure that your product or service comes across exactly as you imagined.

Whether your branding just needs a makeover or everything has to be built from scratch: we always start with an extensive investigation. We collect information about your target audience, your company and what you want to sell. Sometimes an update of what is already there is enough, in that case we will work on optimization and ensure that you meet the latest standards. In other cases, you may want to completely change course and we’ll practically start over.

What does that process look like then?

This often involves a number of creative sessions. One of those topics, for example, can be the color palette that we choose. After all, colors are extremely important in conveying the right feeling. Of course your preference plays a role in this, but we will also look at the competition by doing an extensive market analysis. By doing so we discover whether your product benefits from a luxurious appearance, or whether it should mainly radiate quality and reliability.

The role of Get Interactive

We create an identity for your product, where the look and feel is just right. The extent to which we implement this depends on your wishes and your budget. We prefer to tackle the whole package, so that we can implement the branding down to the smallest details in all layers of your communication. But even if you just need a refreshed logo, you’ve come to the right place. Whatever rocks your boat, we’re ready. Will you contact us?