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Connection with a Learning Management System

Are you looking for a web developer who can connect your website with a Learning Management System (LMS)?

At Get Interactive, we have years of experience and expertise in web development and integrating with LMS platforms. Our developers ensure an optimal connection between the website and the desired LMS, and ensure that this combination perfectly meets the needs of the customer and end users.

What is an LMS?

An LMS provides organizations and businesses with the ability to easily offer digital learning content to their employees, students, or customers.

LMS stands for Learning Management System, and is software that helps manage learning activities and training within an organization. This includes e-learning software, or systems used to share knowledge between experts. The features of an LMS may vary depending on the platform, and we would gladly assist you in choosing the right LMS for your organization.

The basic functionalities of an LMS include uploading and sharing course materials, tracking progress for a course, conducting exams, and managing reports. LMS systems are highly flexible and a valuable tool for organizations and businesses involved in the education and development of their employees and customers.

Benefits of an LMS Integration

An integration between a website and an LMS can have multiple of benefits, such as:

Benefits of an LMS integration:

  • Easy sharing of course materials
  • Effective way for digital education and development
  • Optimized for knowledge exchange between members
  • Administering tests and keeping track of results
  • Tracking progress and generating reports
  • Possibility to create an online community

By integrating with an LMS platform, you can make courses and training directly visible on your website. By displaying the complete course and training offerings, you improve the marketing opportunities and visibility of your website. Additionally, it becomes easier for users to find the right content.

In addition, an integration with an LMS platform provides the ability to automatically link website registrations to the appropriate courses and training in the LMS. Using a Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, users who log in to your website can also log in directly to the LMS. This saves them time and effort and provides a seamless user experience between the website and the LMS.

There are many different LMS platforms and possibilities. Below we provide two practical examples of an integration with an LMS:

Website integration with Huddle

Our client, Drakentemmers, provides assistance to victims of domestic violence. There is a nationwide shortage of therapists, and therefore a great desire to recruit and train new therapists. They were looking for a platform to exchange knowledge, where therapists can communicate with each other and exchange knowledge and experience.

For Drakentemmers, we created an integration with the LMS platform Huddle. It’s a very user-friendly tool for digital learning programs and setting up an online community. By integrating the website with the LMS platform, members can now easily exchange knowledge and experiences in a private environment.

Website integration with Learndash

For our client FSSC, we developed an effective integration between their website and the Learndash LMS platform. This platform is specifically designed for offering courses and training and provides a wide range of functionalities.

With Learndash, you can easily upload course material and share it with participants, track progress, and administer assessments. Additionally, Learndash offers the ability to generate reports and keep track of statistics, so that you always have insight into the progress and results of learning activities.

Get Interactive: Your Partner for Seamless LMS Integration

Get Interactive has extensive knowledge and experience in linking websites to various Learning Management Systems. Our skilled professionals are happy to help and guide you in selecting the optimal solution for your needs.

Which LMS would you like to link to your website? Please feel free to contact us for more information. Our experts are ready to help you with a successful connection!