Tailor-made for your organization

Few companies can get by without a website. But there are websites and websites. Maybe you, like many other entrepreneurs, started years ago with a very simple website. That was good enough for a while, but now that you have grown, your website no longer fits.

At Get Interactive we specialize in building custom websites and applications. This means that you get a website, webshop or app that perfectly shows who you are and what you do, so that future customers know immediately what they can get from you. Last but not least? You can still manage your website yourself, while not paying premium prices to do so!

Are we a match for you?

So, your website does not fit anymore. But you also don’t want to spend a fortune on customization and then end up with a website that you can’t manage yourself. Possibly you have some ideas about what your website should look like, but you don’t have the time or expertise to develop it further. Sounds familiar? Then we can help you further.

We build custom websites based on WordPress. There are a couple advantages that come with this. For example, you won’t run into any surprises in the back-end, meaning you can quickly get started with your new website. We also custom build the plugins, so you’ll never be stuck with useless functions of overpriced plugins again. But because we take WordPress as the starting point for our framework, you won’t have to pay a premium price. You actually have the best of both worlds.

Good to know: we are not a company where you place your order and get a website delivered. We will design your website together, both technically and graphically. You can share all your ideas with us, and we will think in solutions over problems. It is more than just building: you receive advice, we make connections with existing systems and help your company take the next step.

I want a custom website

Great, because that is precisely our specialty! We’ll be happy to visit you and chat further, so be sure to contact us. Curious about how we handle projects? Then take a look at our working method!