Usability Testing & Research

Gain insight into your users

Over the past few years, there have been a ton of impressive changes in the digital field. While this is great, at the same time it has caused the average website visitor to be spoiled.

That is why it is important that your website is extremely user-friendly. In addition to satisfied visitors, this also ensures higher conversion and reflects good on your brand. Do you want to know if your website can be improved? Then we are happy to conduct a usability test and apply other interesting research.

Easy to use

So, let’s talk about usability. In simple terms it means ‘user-friendliness’ and, if all is well, is invisible. But if a website or app causes frustration, it suddenly becomes painfully visible that something is wrong with usability. If you receive signals from visitors or if you have doubts about the user-friendliness of your website, you will discover potential problems with a usability test.

In order to properly conduct such research, we need to know everything about your target group and the goals you have devised for them while they interact with your website. We will look at how quickly and easily your target group can achieve those goals and where they might get stuck. We can do this remotely with all kinds of smart tools that show how your visitors use your website. For example, we look at mouse movements or use short questionnaires.

Other research

We may also use our tools to conduct more extensive research. For example, to figure out the optimal navigation structure of your new website. We might also research what feeling the design of the website evokes in users. We also like to use A/B testing to quickly test different versions of a page to find out what works best.

Concrete points for improvement

All that testing and research eventually leads to a number of concrete improvement proposals. Of course we will also advise you along the way on how you can implement those improvements. And if you want, we are happy to do so for you. Want to know more? Let us know!