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SEA: advertising in search engines

Kickstart your website

Where you organically try to rank higher in Google’s search results with SEO, with SEA you pay a fee to ensure your spot. SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising and it can be an interesting way to promote your business if you do it smartly. You often see such ads at the very top of the search results page. This place is coveted and therefore expensive, but there are also cheaper alternatives.

Find the right keyword

In general, it is a lot easier to get higher in the search results through SEA over SEO. It is even faster! But all that beauty has a downside: it costs more money. The more competition there is for a certain keyword, the higher the fee Google asks for an ad. That’s why we always start with a close examination of the smartest keywords. As a result, we often manage to save money, while still achieving the expected result.

Speaking of results, we always discuss what your goals are with the ads. Do you want to get more phone calls from potential customers? Do you want to bring in more leads through your website? Or just have more traffic on your website in general? Depending on your goals, we set up a campaign. Through conversion optimization we also ensure that your website is optimally set up to achieve those goals.

This is how we work

Our SEA campaign consists of a number of steps. First we look at when your target group is most active, so that we know when we want to show the ads. We then set a budget, so that you know in advance what you will spend on a campaign. Depending on the keyword, we then know exactly what we can do. For example, advertising on your own company name is often a lot cheaper than on a more generic term. If the campaign is running, we keep a close eye on what it yields, and keep you posted about the results.

“I want SEA!”

Want to know how search engine advertising can work for your business? Please contact us, we are happy to think along with you!