Online marketing


Content is key

With only a beautiful website you are not there yet. Good content is crucial, but due to lack of time or knowledge it often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. We can help you with that!

What we can do for you

Unfortunately we see it happen way too often: beautiful company, great website, but the content does not get the attention it deserves. A shame, because with good content you create beautiful and readable websites. Good content is so much more than the clever placement of important keywords in headlines and texts.

We ensure that your message is not only found but also actually read.

Get Interactive can help you with great content!

We can support you with various things regarding excellent content. For example:

  • SEO optimized texts for search engines like Google.
  • Editing of texts, information pages, blogs, newsletters, etc.
  • Finding the tone-of-voice that suits your organization.
  • Creating unique, relevant content that appeals to your visitors.
  • Writing scannable texts with a readable structure.
  • Converting content with the right call-to-actions.

Working method for content creation

Of course it is also possible to combine your new content strategy with a brand new website. That way we can ensure that content is taken into account during each step in the creation process, so that both layout and content match naturally!

Our first step is to look at the intention behind the various pages. Do you want to inform, advise or convert on this page? Can the visitor find the right information quickly and is it written in the right tone-of-voice?

Perhaps many customers contact your customer service because information is not clear. We look at where we want to make adjustments and where we want to create completely new content.

We also use the knowledge of our designers. Is the current structure and layout of the homepage and the content pages logical? It is important that these are applicable to your content needs.

Another thing to look at is the current findability for search engines. We look at the most important pages and keywords for SEO. By combining our expertise we ensure that the overall picture makes sense.

With a clear picture of your needs, we then develop a roadmap and style guide for you. Together we will determine what the main goals are, how we address the visitor and which pages we will work on. These are all elements that are part of a content strategy.

What is a content strategy?

A content strategy is a plan in which you lay down the strategic choices for your content. Things to think about are your goals, who you want to reach, themes, resources, measurement methods and where you can best share your content. Not all parts need to apply to you, but the content strategy forms the basis for all your content and ensures coherence within the content policy.

"A content strategy helps you reach the right target group at the right time with your content."

With this concrete content strategy, we get to work writing readable and scannable texts. By using the right keywords we ensure that your content is findable in search engines like Google. We also take into account the intention of the text, the (measurable) goals and we provide the right call-to-actions.

After all, if a visitor reaches your website, you obviously want him to do something; place an order, request information or subscribe to your newsletter. A well thought-out content strategy plays an important role in achieving higher conversion.


In short, when we’re done, your content is findable, structured and clearly formulated. And all this in the right tone of voice. Since you are reading this, it means we’ve done something right. Wondering how we can do the same for your website? Please contact us, we’d love to talk further!