Continuous Development

Standing still is not an option

At Get Interactive, we find it important to continue development of an application or website after release. With continuous development, we agree on a fixed number of hours per week to work on your project. You can discuss progress and planning with your regular contact person every week, so it’s nice and flexible!

With fixed working days you are assured of the availability of our team and we work specifically on your website or application every week.

Biweekly schedule with fixed hours

For Continuous Development we use biweekly Sprints. Sprints are a defined period of time in which the team starts working on the agreed tasks with a fixed working method. These tasks and their related deadlines will be planned for a period of two weeks. This way you always know when to expect a delivery.

When we start Continuous Development for you, we always discuss in advance how many hours you would like us to work on your project during a week for a quarterly basis. This way, we can ensure that our team is available for you every week. If desired we can also agree on specific days.


Every week there will be a feedback meeting with your regular contact person at Get Interactive. During this meeting the current progress is discussed, and the tasks and corresponding hours for the upcoming Sprint will be planned. We won’t waste your time; if there are no points of interest we’ll get back to work right away!

Working together for the best result

Thanks to a combination of short Sprints and feedback meetings, you constantly have your finger on the pulse with Continuous Development. We will continue to develop your website in collaboration with you.

Do you also want to quickly add new features and improvements to your website? Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss what is possible!