WordPress Webshops

Webshops with great conversion rates

It should be clear by now that we at Get Interactive are experts in the field of website building. But for the entrepreneurs among us; we are also happy to contribute to the conversion of your webshop. We build custom webshops that look sleek, are found in search engines and convert well!

Webshop with WooCommerce

We use WooCommerce for our webshops. WooCommerce is a flexible addition to WordPress and the most widely used online store module in the world. In combination with our customized websites, this means that we can offer webshops that perfectly match your needs; or even better, those of the customer!

You will be able to put products online in no time, manage your stock and easily add product specifications or content. WooCommerce webshops are easy to use and compatible with search engines so that customers can actually find you. And of course your webshop is safe, including payment options such as iDEAL.

Things to think about regarding a webshop

We know that a successful online store is not a matter of putting products online and waiting for customers to buy them. How your visitor experiences and uses the website has a major influence on your turnover. In addition to the Concept & Design of a webshop, we therefore also pay attention to Technology & Development and Online Marketing. In a successful webshop, all these components come together and make the magic happen.

It is also important to look at how your visitors behave. For this, we look at all the steps that your visitors take before they become a customer. This is called the customer journey, and it is crucial knowledge for a professional webshop to have. We can help you with that.

Have a webshop made

As you can see, there is quite a bit involved in a successful webshop. Do you want to get started with a converting webshop? Please contact us, we will be happy to help you!