The customer service of the future

By integrating a chatbot on your site, you create a unique customer experience for new and returning customers. Chatbots are fully customizable and suitable for different tasks and parts on your website. And they are always ready to help; during the weekend or during that Friday afternoon drink!

The success of chatbots

A good example of the success of chatbots is Billie, the chatbot from On a daily basis, the chatbot receives almost half of all customer contact, of which it successfully handles 70% of the questions. During Black Friday (2018), this chatbot was able to handle a customer service workload comparable to 225 FTE. Now those are numbers!

We’re not saying you should fire your entire customer service center right now. But chatbots can be extremely helpful in dealing with frequently asked questions and doing the necessary preparatory work. That way, your staff can deal with the more complex questions.

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Action speaks louder than words: our own chatbot Buddy

Want to see an example of a chatbot in action? At Get Interactive we are so excited about the possibilities of chatbots that we have created a special website to put our chatbot “Buddy” in the spotlight. He is happy to show you the possibilities and advantages of chatbots.

The benefits of a chatbot

Interested in a chatbot yourself? We are happy to discuss the options with you. Contact us and we will tell you everything about chatbots!