Our work


A website with that lovely Caribbean atmosphere

Kryoyo connects tourism and the local community in a smart and honest way. They asked us to create their brand identity and build an online platform that connects guests, hosts and the local community.


Improve tourism in the Caribbean through a human connection between the tourist and the local community.

Target Audience

– Tourists from the Caribbean
– Hosts offering experiences in the Caribbean


An atmospheric website full of useful features for both tourist and host.

Partnered Since

Agency Loyals

The challenge of Kryoyo

Kryoyo.com is a website where you can book experiences in the Caribbean islands. Kryoyo focuses on high quality experiences in the Caribbean, in collaboration with the local community. Compared to competitor Airbnb, Kryoyo wants to focus on a more personal experience that adds value for both the tourist and the local community.

This led to the desire for a user-friendly website with an appropriate corporate identity. The website had to be suitable for both tourists and hosts who want to share their experiences. For start-ups like Kryoyo, it is always important and a challenge to keep costs under control.

"With the MVP strategy we were able to keep the costs under control".

Our plans

For this project, together with Kryoyo, we chose the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) strategy, combined with the Scrum working method. This way, a working product could be put in the market quickly in order to get feedback. Subsequently, it was easy to adjust and we were able to focus on the right developments that meet the needs of the user, based on this feedback from the market. By not developing any unnecessary functions, we were able to keep the costs under control.

Together with Kryoyo, we developed their idea into a house style in which the Caribbean atmosphere can be tasted. We placed extra emphasis on user friendliness for both the tourists and the host who wants to share their offerings. In addition to the corporate identity, we also developed a logo, brochure and business card.

We also thought about how to automate the booking and cancellation process so that the editorial team of Kryoyo has less administrative work. We also developed a custom-made link with payment partner cxpay.global. This allows bookings to be easily paid for with payment options such as credit card, ideal, paypal, etc.

"Together with Kryoyo we developed their idea into a corporate identity in which the Caribbean atmosphere can be tasted."

Help Me Plan

An advanced feature to help the tourist find the right experiences. Through Help Me Plan it is possible to answer specific questions and offer a personalized experience.

Availability Check

Through the database, Hosts indicate the availability of their experience(s). During checkout, the availability is checked once more. A confirmation is asked from the Host to confirm the availability as well.

User functions

The Suitecase (shopping cart) allows a tourist to add and pay for multiple bookings at once. Users can create an account to view the status of their bookings and reviews are automatically requested and posted on the website after a booked experience.