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A website focussed on the job applicant

Young Dedicated helps young employees make a career out of their intrinsic motivation. We provided a fitting website with visual vacancy pages. Ransder, owner of Young Dedicated, tells you more!


Create a job site with a unique experience for the visitor

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Starters in the job market who want to work from their passion


A strong foundation with the opportunity for continued development

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The challenge of YoungDedicated

The scarcity in the labor market is only getting worse, and with the great pressure to find staff, mismatches are also becoming more common; people are hired for positions for which they are not suited in the hope that they will eventually be able to perform the job.

YoungDedicated is driven by the idea of recruiting from the candidate rather than the company. ”I very much believe that if you recruit from the candidate’s point of view, you automatically attract the great candidates,” says Ransder. “You always need good people, even outside the current crisis. And to recruit good people, it’s important to put the candidate at the center.”

Partly because of Covid, it was necessary to start digitizing much more. In order to radiate his philosophy digitally, Ransder needed a website. He started a partnership with Get Interactive to digitize the candidate experience with a website and beautiful vacancy pages.

"To recruit good people, it is important to put the candidate at the center of the process."

Visual vacancy pages are the future

When Covid started, Ransder didn’t have a job page or a digital presence that supported his philosophy of thinking from the candidate’s perspective. ”Back then I would post a job on Facebook or LinkedIn, or put it on a job site. I didn’t have a central place where I could bring back my own philosophy”.

Ransder noticed more and more visual vacancy pages appearing. These were not only coming from marketers or recruiters who joined the trend, but also from employers such as bol.com and Coolblue. Many of the large employers now have a separate ”work at” section or even a full-fledged career website, fully equipped to recruit candidates and visualize the application process.

“It’s just the future. I try to go along with that, but also improve upon it. What does bol.com do well? What is their approach, and which adjustments and improvements are relevant for me to implement?”

Online Marketing and using the major job boards to acquire clients are a strategy, but often not enough. So we went to work on a brand-new website for Ransder to translate his philosophy for Young Dedicated to online, including the necessary visual vacancy pages.

Our plans

Because Ransder was still deciding on the details, we used the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) method during the process. The purpose of this is to collect feedback as quickly as possible with a first version of the website. Then we can test what works and what doesn’t, and in which area’s we will continue development.

Since Young Dedicated didn’t have a website yet, we started from scratch with just a logo and the vision of Ransder. We built on the already available logo with a matching corporate identity for the website.  We then went to work on the vacancy page, focusing on the visual elements to create a unique experience for the job applicant.

To do so, we created unique landing pages, personalized in the employers’ corporate identity. Then we added visual elements such as videos, diagrams, trajectory and colleague overviews and more. Of course, we also took into account the UX on the website and provided the right call-to-actions.

"We placed an emphasis on the visual elements to create a unique experience for the job applicant."

A great first impression

The job posting page begins with a clear bullet point list and diagram detailing the job. The corporate identity is also clearly visible here. The applicant sees the most important data at a glance.

Visual elements

Through visuals and accompanying text, the applicant can then easily and quickly see why a job does or does not suit them. The career opportunities and application procedure can also be found here, while images and text are combined with call-to-actions and quotes. In this way YoungDedicated distinguishes itself from widely used and general vacancy pages.

Videos en company information

To complete the visual experience, there are also videos and company information with introductions of future colleagues. This way, the applicant knows exactly what to expect, not only from the position, but also from the company and the working atmosphere. The pages are designed in such a way that in the future it will also be possible to experiment with additional visuals and components.

Young Dedicated on the collaboration

“I came into contact with Pim and Jeffrey through an acquaintance from the gym years ago, I had just started my business at the time. Years later, when I was looking for an agency to build a website, I looked up Get Interactive for a partnership. I had a good feeling about it all, the contact, how they profiled themselves in every step, from a nice offer to phone calls and follow-ups; things just felt right with these guys.”

“While developing the website and working with it (creating job postings, running online campaigns, getting responses from visitors, etc.) I have come to many new insights that I didn’t have before. I am satisfied with what we have now, but there is still much to do. For example, it would be nice if we could add more visual items in the future, like in the section about what challenges you face. That’s now a bullet point, which is fine for now, but it could be even more visually appealing.”

Currently, a nice foundation has already been set for YoungDedicated, with even more room for growth and development. “I’m just happy! The first reactions from applicants, employers and relations are very positive. Nice vacancy page, cool, fun; in the basics it’s all good.”

Now that a solid foundation has been laid, we will continue to develop according to the MVP method, together with the client. View the YoungDedicated website here.