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Optimist International School

A new identity and greater brand awareness

Optimist International School is a public school from Hoofddorp for children aged 4 to 11. Together with our partners, we helped them build their own identity after a split, including a new website. Manon from Optimist International School tells you more!


Achieve a successful split while creating its own identity.

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The new identity has increased brand awareness to such an extent that the school is now at the student limit

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The challenge of Optimist International School

Manon: “OIS started out as part of a Dutch school, but initiated an international trajectory in 2018. We quickly found out that there were many differences between the Dutch and International Optimist schools.”  They were therefore keen to distance themselves; new building, their own finances and a new website with accompanying corporate identity. The current website did not show their identity very well, and there was a need to thoroughly address it and the branding in general. Get Interactive and Copper Design teamed up with OIS to get started!

“The current website didn’t properly show our identity, and we also wanted to redesign the branding.”

Our plans

Together with our two partners, Epurple and Copper Design, we got to work and helped Optimist International School get its own identity and look and feel. Get Interactive developed a brand new tailor-made website, which fitted in with the house style developed by our partner Copper Design. The website was given a fresh look and feel, and we included modules to easily keep the information provided up to date.

“Because the project was not only about a website, but also about rebranding, it was very nice that Pim involved Copper Design and later Epurple. He was very clear in summarizing exactly what we wanted, what Get Interactive could take care of themselves, and where they would call in other specialists.”  told Manon.

“Pim understood exactly what we wanted to change, and was able to identify very quickly what or who we needed to do so.”

A playful new identity.

We called in our partner Copper Design to develop a new corporate identity and matching logo. The concept is based on drawing and fits well with the mindset of a child. A dot is a dot, but also a green world (the international character of the school), a watermelon, a traffic light, an apple, … Therefore the brand identity is based on the playfulness of a child.

Each drawing begins with a first touch between pencil and paper. They visualized this with a dot. The school also uses the IPC (International Primary Curriculum) teaching method on which ‘connecting dots’ is based. For that reason orange, yellow and blue dots were used in addition to green.

Manon was pleased with the communication between the different parties. “The communication between Copper Design, Get Interactive and Epurple ran very well, and it was always clear who did what. Epurple stepped in as the last party as a logical next step. “

Attract visitors with the right content and campaigns

Optimist International School wilde graag meer leads genereren en het bezoekersverkeer naar de website verhogen. Onze partner Epurple ging aan de slag om ze hierbij te helpen met een uitgebreide SEO & migratie audit. Vervolgens zijn er succesvolle Google- en Bing campagnes opgezet om bezoekers lager in de ‘’funnel’’ naar de website te brengen. Het doel van deze SEA-campagnes was om op korte termijn relevante en kwalitatieve leads te realiseren. De maandelijkse doelen zijn met deze campagnes ruim behaald.

Optimist International School was keen to generate more leads and increase visitor traffic to their website. Our partner Epurple helped them with this with a comprehensive SEO & migration audit. Subsequently, successful Google and Bing campaigns were set up to bring visitors lower in the ”funnel” to the website. The goal of these SEA campaigns was to quickly realize relevant and quality leads. The monthly goals were more than met with these campaigns.

In addition, we researched opportunities in the field of content and provided a training so OIS could handle this themselves in the future. Because of this content training OIS can now write and place targeted information to realize more organic visitors.

“Because of a content training, OIS can now write and publish targeted information themselves” 

Google Reviews

A good way to stand out from the competition is the high ratings OIS consistently receives; both children and parents are very positive about the school. Therefore, when designing the website, we added Google Reviews prominently to the homepage, and the annual satisfaction survey can also be found directly. This exudes confidence!

Convenient modules

The calendar module provides a clear view of vacations, open days, meetings and study days, and the news module allows announcements and notices to be posted on the website. With these modules, OIS can easily add new events or news and thus keep the website up-to-date with minimal effort.

Introductory video

To help Optimist International School further establish its own style, we recorded an introduction video for the school. This can be viewed directly from the homepage and gives parents and future students a playful look into the school.

Optimist International School on the collaboration

“It was just a really good collaboration with good energy. It was also very clear what was expected of us. That’s oten not the case with other companies.” Manon is most enthusiastic about the homepage; “That’s what we get the most comments about, that it’s very attractive and different. People find it clear and can quickly find what they need. We also haven’t changed the website since Get Interactive started working on it, which of course is a compliment in itself.”

“When we started designing the website, we had 100 children in our school, which has now grown to 270. But we know we can improve even more. We are working on that now, with news and blogs there is still a lot to be gained. That will be our next phase.”