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In search of the right look

For Forseti Legal we developed a new website with a unique style. It was a nice challenge to present mediation in criminal law in a softer, yet professional way. Owner Lotje tells you more!


Create a website that expresses the identity of owner Lotje

Target Audience

People suspected of a criminal offense seeking for legal assistance in criminal law matters


A website that radiates the identity of Lotje and her company: knowledgeable, but friendly.

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The challenge of Forseti Legal

Lotje has had her own firm for almost four years now. When she made the switch to legal counsel after ten years of being a lawyer, she took a number of clients with her. As a result, she had to create a website in no time, which resulted in some quick copy/paste work. Lotje: “But the company started to run better and better. I also have many contacts abroad, such as assisting clients who are suspected of a criminal offense, lawyers and the public prosecutor.”

For foreign clients, Lotje relied on her website for a first impression. “But that one was so bad. My picture wasn’t even on it, because I couldn’t manage that”. When a lawyer from Spain contacted Lotje and asked if they could take a look at her website, the problem reached its peak. ” I started to think: I’d rather not, actually. It is now really time to do something about it.

Lotje ended up at Get Interactive because of a recommendation from an acquaintance. After browsing our website and reading our Customer Cases, she thought: “This really can’t go wrong!”.

"For foreign clients, Lotje had to rely on her website for a first impression."

Our plans

Lotje deliberately chose to create her own style for the website, which had to be not only unique but also distinctive. “The tricky part was that I had a very clear idea of what I wanted, but no knowledge of websites or online techniques. Fortunately, Pim caught on to what I was looking for.”

Lotje wanted to stay away from the trend in the market, which exuded a certain harshness, and instead connect. We went in search of the style she had in mind, and for this we found inspiration at yoga studios and saunas, among other places.

“Then Pim very quickly came up with exactly the colors and ambience/look-and-feel I had in mind.”, says Lotje. This resulted in a website design with an identity that Lotje could recognise herself in.

Another challenge I ran into was the content. “I had written the text for the website myself, and I was struggling with that quite a bit. You quickly start writing down the things that you think are important, but the visitor most likely doesn’t care about. I was really looking for the right balance here: informal but not over simplifying. Based on Pim’s advice, I got into contact with the copywriter here at Get Interactive. He took my texts and turned them into something beautiful and together we were able to achieve the desired tone-of-voice.

"The tricky part was that I have zero knowledge of websites or online techniques. Fortunately, Pim caught on to what I meant very quickly during the process."

A unique style

Because Forseti Legal wanted to stay away from the standard legal style for websites, we looked to yoga studios and saunas for inspiration. That’s how we came up with the right colors and atmosphere that Lotje had in mind.

Lotje about the collaboration

Lotje was very happy to be able to outsource the work and to see her ideas being translated into the design she was looking for. Lotje: “I can only say that I am very satisfied with the outcome. During the project there was also time and space to present new ideas. If I forgot something or wanted to change something, Pim was always very relaxed and immediately took care of it.

I only get enthusiastic reactions from the people around me. And not just that they find the site beautiful, but that they recognize my identity in it. What I have tried to convey with my company has worked out well.”

“I only get enthusiastic reactions from the people around me. What I’ve been trying to project with my business has worked out well.”

Lotje, Owner Forseti Legal