Software that fits the purpose

Tailor-made Software

Tailor-made Software

Almost every organisation runs into it; a standard software package is just missing that one connection or function that is crucial for your business. If such software does not solve your problem or if you are looking for specific functionalities, custom-made software offers a way out.

At Get Interactive, we love customisation. After all, no two clients are the same, and every problem deserves the attention of a specific solution. With customised software, you invest in the future of your company and you can work just that little bit smarter or more effectively than your competitor.

We are happy to explain the advantages of custom software and how we can help your business.

Why tailor-made software

Custom software means that you adapt or fully develop software to specifically fit the needs and requirements of your usage. This has a number of advantages:

Time savings by automating business processes. A lot of time can potentially be saved even on tasks that are currently carried out manually.

User-friendly: the software is precisely tailored to you as a specific user; no jumbled menus or confusing functions.

Future-proof: need an additional function? No problem! Custom software can easily be further developed, and thus grow perfectly with your organisation.

No unnecessary costs: with custom software, you only develop functions that you actually use. This sometimes even makes it cheaper than with standard software!

Unique functionalities: add exactly what your organisation or competitor is missing. This way, you stay ahead of the competition and can offer added value to your customer.

Connect with existing software: your current software does not have to go out the window immediately; with smart custom-made software, you link different software suits into one.

Customisation vs standard software

But when exactly do you choose custom software over standard software? Custom software comes around the corner when standard software does not (no longer) fit your organisation’s needs well.

Perhaps your current software package has now been expanded with unnecessary features and has therefore become much more expensive. Or maybe your staff spend a lot of time each week doing manual tasks where automation could save a lot of time.

Despite custom software having the image of a more expensive solution, this need not always be the case, especially in the long run. With smart custom solutions, you can save a lot of time and money for your organisation.

Development of tailor-made software

At Get Interactive, we always work on a customised basis, whether for an application or a website. This way, we ensure that you do not end up paying for features you are not going to use anyway.

Curious about some possible examples? We would be happy to give you a demo without any further obligation!

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