Front-end development

What is front end?

Front-end is the part of a website or app that is visible to the user. If back-end development is the engine, then front-end is the hood and the way it’s mounted. Front-end is also sometimes called user interface (UI).

In a webshop, for example, the part that the visitor uses and the products on the website are front-end. The underlying database and the CRM system containing all the data of the products and customers is the back-end.

Front-end development: Look and feel

This does not mean that the front-end is only about the graphic design of the website. Front-end development is the implementation of the design of a website or app in a technically well-functioning complete package. A front-end developer is therefore concerned with designing, programming, testing and implementing the part of the website that is visible to visitors.

A number of things are taken into account, such as user-friendliness, loading times, different devices and resolutions; everything that comes with a well-functioning website. SEO is also an important part of front-end development. No matter how well your texts are written, if Google can’t read them due to a wrong technique or illogical layout of the website, you won’t get very far.

Go for successful and breathtaking interfaces!

So there is a lot to consider with the front-end. At Get Interactive we make websites that not only look beautiful, but also do what you would expect. In front-end development we take into account the performance, browser compatibility and optimization for mobile and tablet. We will also ensure that your website is well aligned with search engines.

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