Back-end development

Back-end development

Back-end is the part of a website or application that is not visible to the user. Even so, it is still extremely important, since the back-end ensures that the front-end actually works. The back-end can be compared to the engine of a car: not visible from the outside, but crucial for moving forward.

In a webshop, the back-end is, among other things, responsible for the technology that ensures that a visitor can shop, order and pay in the webshop, while the front-end focuses on the visible part of the webshop, such as the visual structure or the presentation of the products.

Back-end development: beauty is on the inside

In back-end development we ensure that all processes that the user does not see run optimally. In practice, there is always some overlap between back-end and front-end because the background functionalities must be accessible through the graphical interface of the front.

At Get Interactive we work closely together to connect the back-end and front-end perfectly. This is important, as there are several overlaps and parts where front-end and back-end can complement each other to result in a combination that not only works well, but also looks perfect.

The bigger picture

With back-end development we ensure that your website or application works stable, safe, and fast, also for SEO! We use the latest techniques and constantly check with the front-end to provide a beautiful and complete package. At Get Interactive we make websites that not only look good, but also do what you expect.

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