Concept & Design

Customer Journey

Understand your customer

It happens less often than you would like: someone visits your website for the first time and immediately becomes a paying customer. After all, you don’t walk into a dealership, point at a car, tick off and drive off. Before you get there, you have already taken a large number of steps. We record the steps that your leads have to take to become a customer in the customer journey.

5 steps in the customer journey

Usually, the customer journey consists of 5 steps. First there is the orientation, in which your future customer looks for a solution to their problem. A number of solutions are likely to emerge. In the next step, the customer makes a trade-off between these different solutions. If you come out as the winner, the purchase phase starts. After that you can still support your customer with the use of your product or service. In the last step it is time for the evaluation. For example, you ask them to leave a review or tempt them to make a repeat purchase.

It's all about your customer

Even if you are not directly selling products, you will always have a purpose for your website. We dive into that purpose with the customer journey. We conduct research into your target groups and their goals, needs, fears and motivation to act. After that we take a look at how we can guide your customers through the different steps of the customer journey. This is a deepdive; from the visual aspect and the use of color, to the content you create and where you share that content. Everything is aimed at turning your visitors into customers. With a detailed customer journey in possession, you will know exactly what needs to be done to grow your company.

Curious about how we will work out a customer journey for you?

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