Social Media Marketing

Communicate wherever your target group resides

Social Media Marketing is an integral part of Online Marketing these days. Whatever product or service you offer, your target audience is likely to use at least one of the best known social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. It is therefore crucial that your company has a presence here as well.

Social Media for targeted marketing

A major advantage of advertising on Social Media channels is the ability to reach very specific target groups. These channels are currently extremely versatile and have a lot of relevant data from their users. This makes them unique opportunities in every phase of the customer journey that your customers go through.

Unlike mass group marketing such as advertising flyers, with Social Media marketing you have the opportunity to approach your target group directly.

Differences in Social Media channels

It is important that your company makes maximum use of the available information that Social Media channels have collected about the target group. The way of advertising also varies; think of Stories, Banners, Interstitial, Mobile, etc. Each form of advertising requires a different strategy and has different costs. Literally sharing the same post or ad on both LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook does not achieve the optimal result, and that is a waste!

We can help you develop a Social Media strategy for your company. For this we look at what you want to achieve, determine your goals and set up a strategy to achieve these goals. Do you want to attract new customers? Create more awareness for your brand? Or are you hoping for more local visitors? With the right use of Social Media it is possible to achieve your goals.

Help with Social Media Marketing

Sounds like a lot of work? Yes, but it is very rewarding! Social Media is a powerful option to reach your target group. At Get Interactive we can help you with the ultimate campaign, the right insight into your target group, and the perfect use of your marketing budget. Contact us for the possibilities!