Online Marketing

SEO: Search Engine Optimisation

SEO: making sure people can find you

The goal of your website is to be seen. Search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine optimization plays an important role in this. And of course we are happy to help you with that.

By optimizing your website for search engines, we ensure that more organic visitors come to your website. We strive to give you the highest possible position in the search results of Google and other search engines at minimal cost. We have a nice to-do list for this.

SEO in 3 steps: this is how we optimize your website

We take a number of steps to ensure that your website is found as well as possible by your customers.


Good search engine optimization is about a good relationship between technology and content. For example, your website has to be fast enough but you also need to offer relevant content. In the strategy-phase we determine what is needed to get more out of your website. For example, together we look at your competitors, on which terms you want to be found and what the current situation looks like.


Odds are that there are quite a few technical gains to be made. A fast website is very important for search engines, but a good layout of your web pages also plays a role. Are you using the right headlines? Is your link structure correctly put together? Because search engines continue to develop, you always have to adjust to the latest trends.


Maybe you already have a lot of good content, such as blogs, white papers and extensive landing pages. Then we look at how we can best offer and expand that content. For example, by adding landing pages that score on related terms. If you don’t have enough good content yet, we will think about how we can create valuable content.

Within these 3 steps we also do keyword research. We use this to see what your target groups are looking for and how we can serve them. The authority of your website is also very important, so we explicitly look at your direct competitors. In addition, we also investigate which steps your visitors need to take to achieve a conversion. Improving that process is what we call conversion optimization.

“I want SEO!”

Curious about what we can do to get your website higher in the search engine rankings? Please contact us and we will tell you all about it.