SSL Certificate

Safety; for you and your visitors

It is essential that the visitors of your website can leave their data with a safe feeling. An SSL certificate validates the identity of the website and ensures that the connection between your website and your visitor’s browser is securely encrypted. For some websites this is even mandatory. With HTTPS, everyone has a safe online experience and you come across as reliable to your visitors.

Why do I need an SSL certificate?

A secure connection between your website and the visitor is becoming increasingly important. There are a number of reasons why you should secure your website with an SSL certificate:

1. SSL is required by law according to AVG/GDPR
An SSL certificate is required if you process personal data.

2. SSL is important for SEO (Google)
Search engines such as Google reward websites that have an SSL certificate by giving a higher SEO rating in Google.

3. SSL gives visitors confidence
You will come across as more reliable with your website if visitors see that your website is secured with an SSL certificate.

4. SSL prevents ‘Insecure’ notifications in Google Chrome or Safari
Since July 2018, Google Chrome and Safari users will receive a gray message: ‘not secure’ on all websites without an SSL certificate.

5. SSL Encrypts Sensitive Information
This makes it a lot more difficult for internet criminals to view or adjust sensitive information.

6. SSL helps against Phishing
An SSL certificate validates your visitor’s browser that your website is genuine.

What does this mean for your website?

No HTTPS? This means that your visitors will be put off by the warning they get from their browser when they visit your website. Such a warning can be a reason for the visitor not to visit your website or to leave it early. Think about it: how often do you ignore your browser’s security warnings?

SSL is not only more secure, it also increases the position of your website in Google search results.

Which SSL certificate do I need now?

Enough reasons to get an SSL certificate. But which certificate is suitable for your website? Because the wishes and requirements differ per customer, we are happy to help you with personal advice.