Always up-to-date with our Service Contract

Don’t feel like dealing with Hosting, maintenance or updates yourself? With the service contract from Get Interactive we can ensure that your website is reliable and safe for your visitors without you having to worry about it.

Should security risks or availability problems arise, we will respond immediately and resolve the issue. It is also possible to make concrete agreements about this, check our SLA (Service Level Agreement) page for more information.

Websites managed by Get Interactive are placed on a professional cloud platform located in data centers spread across the Netherlands. We only work with suppliers of the highest quality.

Get Interactive has three different service contracts: Basic, Pro and Business. Below we have made an overview of the services and possibilities that we offer.

Service contracts by Get Interactive

Description Basic Pro Business
Staging- and production environment
Offsite back-up
• Updates/upgrades
Website Security
• SSL Certificate
• Firewall
• Protect login against brute-force
• 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) -
• Security Scan -
• Anti-virus scan -
• DDoS-attack Mitigation - -
Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) - -
Disc-space 5gb 20gb 40gb
Data usage (Fair-use Policy) 5gb p/m Unlimited Unlimited
E-mail support
Phone support - 1 editor 1 editor
24/7 Active monitoring -
E-mail reputation - -
AVG Check - - on request
24/7 Emergency support - - on request


With hosting service from Get Interactive your website will be placed on a professional cloud platform located in data centers spread across the Netherlands. We only work with suppliers of the highest quality. We always offer hosting in combination with our service contract.

Separate Test and Production environments

Get Interactive will set up a separate test environment and live environment for your visitors. We will always process changes through the test environment so that they can be tested before they are visible on your website. This way we can be sure that the adjustments will not lead to unexpected results.

Offsite back-up

We will make a backup of your website every night. These backups are stored offsite, in a completely different data center in the Netherlands. The retention of the backups is 30 days, which means that you can restore your website to an earlier state up to a maximum of 30 days ago.


Developments in the world of the internet are moving very fast. Get Interactive always proactively follows the latest developments. The WordPress CMS is subject to updates and upgrades that must be done in a timely manner and according to a specific guideline. Get Interactive ensures that your WordPress website always uses the latest version. This is an extremely important prevention measure to ensure that your website is not hacked.

Website security (Firewall, Security Scan, Anti-virus scan)

To further keep hackers away from your website, Get Interactive can take other appropriate security measures. This includes installing a firewall, measures to protect your login against Brute-Force attacks, installing a virus scanner, performing security scans and solving problems found. We do everything we can to ensure that your website is always secure.

Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)

By using the fastest global Content Delivery Network (CDN) in the world, we ensure that the data of your website is distributed worldwide over the internet. This allows users to load the website quickly and without delay, wherever they are in the world. Website pages, but also content such as videos, images and documents are automatically synchronized worldwide by the CDN. More information.

Data usage (Fair-use policy)

We have a Fair Use Policy for hosting most of our websites (Pro & Business). This means that we do not impose hard limits on, for example, data traffic and data storage, as long as their usage is under normal circumstances. Do you plan to stream a lot of videos or offer downloads? Then we would be happy to look for a suitable solution together.

24×7 Active monitoring

With Active Monitoring we will install the necessary tools to constantly check whether your website is still available. If the website is not available for whatever reason, we will receive a notification. We will then take immediate action to solve the issue.

24×7 Emergency support

In addition to Active Monitoring, our Business service contract also offers the option of reaching your contact person 24×7 by telephone on a special telephone number in the event of an emergency. If desired, we can make agreements about this in a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

AVG check

It is important to properly protect the privacy of your visitors. Since 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies. This means that the same privacy legislation applies throughout the European Union (EU). Get Interactive can check your website and see whether it (still) complies with the AVG law.

We also offer the possibility to purchase an SSL certificate. This is an important security protocol for exchanging data between the customer/visitor and the website.

E-mail reputation

Email reputation is critical for delivering emails that your website sends to customers. We check whether these emails arrive properly and whether the email is not treated as SPAM.

However, our packages are not suitable for sending newsletters from WordPress. Use free programs such as Mailchimp for this. We can help you set up a Mailchimp account and design your newsletter if desired, please contact us for more information.

Service from Get Interactive

Are you looking for a new website or a total solution including hosting and maintenance of your website with a stable and reliable company? At Get Interactive you have come to the right place. We want to find the right solution for you, so feel free to contact us!